Top ten list for the year.

10. We got to harvest a garden.

9. We got to make movies.

8. We had an awesome class party.

7. I got to help in the haunted house.

6. Coupon books were awesome.

5. All the field trips were super fun.

4.helping the first grade field day was fun.

3. Our awards ceremony was really fun.

2. Field day was awesome because I got a first place ribbon.

  1. We got to sell Lucas bands ,and we raised over 1,300.

Week 36th

IMG95498711This week was very awesome. First, we had a very fun field day and I got first place in the jump rope competition. Second, we had a very fun class party and my mom brought chick-fil-a, and my Besty JK his mom brought cookie cake. Last, we sold over 1,300 Lucas bands. This was my awesome week.

Week 34

This week was awesome. First, we went on a field trip to karm it was really fun. Second, we had donuts because it was a kid in my classes birthday. Last, we got to eat the radishes we picked and made a song for LIMG_6526ucas.

week 33

This week was awesome. First, we are going top have a fun pizza party. Second, we did half of the TN ready test. Also, we are doing science experiments. After that, we are finishing up our movie script.    Last, we are going to do some science experiments. This was my fantastic week.

Week 32

This week was fun. First, We saw a Soul Singer Concert at our school. Second, another person in our class is going for number 1 in Ticket to read. Also, we did live reading of our movie scripts which was fun. Last, we are going to see are reading buddies today. This was my fantastic 32nd week.File Apr 22, 10 23 38 AM

Week 31

This week was so fun. First, we are going to get pizza from two kids in our class. Second, we read our novels. Third, we are getting ready for TN ready. Then, we are buying shaved ice for Lucas. Last, we started our movies.IMG_6364 This was my fantastic week.


This week was fantastic. First, we had cookie cookie cake. Second, we had another pizza party because Sara Logan got first in ticket to read. Third, we got to do our 4th songs in class. Last we had a musical. This was my fantastic week.File Apr 01, 8 27 29 AM

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